Your Own Lightshow

Total Music Synchronization

A perfect union of light and sound.

Welcome to a new generation of light-shows.

Music is beautiful. Engaging. The power of the bass, the serenade of the treble, the rhythm of the percussion all creates an immensely powerful experience. An experience which becomes ingrained into our very selves. We can remember our favourite songs from 5 years ago, and all the memories accompanied. There is no denying the facts: Music is powerful.

The purpose of VividBits is to enhance the way we experience music. As humans, we experience the world with sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. Currently, the way in which we experience our music impacts at most, 2 out of our 5 senses, with the majority of music being experienced solely with our ears.

Amplify the way you experience music

If you have ever cranked up the sub-woofer and truly felt a song's bass, you know how powerful the addition of tactile perception can be. Simply adding the addition of one more traditional sense, the listening experience is amplified by a large factor. Once you feel the drum kicks in your chest, its hard to go back to just wearing headphones.

Here at VividBits, we want you to experience music with one more sensory input: Sight! Arguably the most important of the 5 traditional senses, its power to alter our state is unmatched. With the technology at VividBits, you can hear, feel, and see your music! A trifecta of information overload.

And thus, the BeatBar was born. A device dedicated to displaying music at its purest form. 16 RGB LEDs, beautifully stained wood casing, and an infinite number of patterns for displaying the most perfectly synchronized lightshow money can buy. The BeatBar doesn't claim to be the most advanced lighting display available. The BeatBar only cares about one objective: Be the most synchronized lightshow on the market. Simply watch for yourself as four BeatBars take on a remix of Alive by Krewella:

The Differences.

At this point, you may be wondering how the BeatBar distinguishes itself from the multitude of other lighting displays commercially available. The answer is obvious once you walk into any club using commercial lights. They aren't synchronized! Currently, most commercial lighting attempts to synchronize itself to the bass through a small microphone located on the unit itself. The problem is, this microphone picks up every sound in the room!

Every note is accessible to VividBeats

VividBeats, the software which controls the BeatBars, had access to the pure audio signal sent to the speakers. Every kick, every clap, every note is accessible to VividBeats. Having instrument detection done in software rather than hardware offers a much more versatile platform to react to the evolution of different genres.

Lastly, the BeatBar looks great whether the lights are on or off. Available in 9 colors, the BeatBar can match the style of any room. The BeatBar is portable, plugs right into your computer and works right out of the box. The only set-up required is downloading and installing VividBeats! Easy to use, perfectly synchronized, and beautiful to look at. Its the VividBits guarantee.